Fred’s Diner for Breakfast Anytime.

If you’re anywhere near Akron, OH. . . you must drive, walk, or crawl down to Fred’s on Home Ave in Akron.
Fill your belly with the best breakfast, drink fine coffee out of old ceramic cups, read the paper, and relax for a little while.
Leave your phone alone. Try that. Look your friend in the eye.
Well, take a picture of yourself eating your eggs then put it back down. We’re used to that here.
Here’s a map. Get in the car. We close at 3pm, so get up early.

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4 thoughts on “Fred’s Diner for Breakfast Anytime.

  1. Holy molars! Not much activity at all on the Blog! I am going to try the food today, the articles I see are from 1992/93!!!! I imagine things have changed at bit…..Will let all know.

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