Best Breakfast in Akron. Welcome to Fred’s Diner.

Stop in to Fred’s Diner for the best breakfast in Akron.

Breakfast Anytime.

We’re open every day from 6 am to 3 pm. Except Major Holidays.

Call-Ahead ordering available:  330-535-FRED

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74 Replies to “Best Breakfast in Akron. Welcome to Fred’s Diner.”

  1. Quality grub and large portions at a cheapskate price…
    Now…if you’d update this here web site with the rotating Tuesday and Wednesday specials when known…I wouldn’t have to call and bug the overworked wait staff for the info…

  2. Today was my first time trying Fred’s. I have lived in Akron 30 years and I have never been here. Today I asked myself why it took me so long to discover this gem! I called in my order and it was ready in 10 min. THE FOOD WAS GREAT!!! Don’t sleep on this place folks. It’s inexpensive food heaven. I will be back!!

  3. I worked there (along with my friend Jane) for Fred years ago and I LOVE the food and the customers! Great hidden gem for breakfast & lunch and Fred is a fun extra treat!
    Hi from California, Fred–send me some dumpling soup!

  4. love, Love, LOVE Fred’s!
    Don’t know what YOU call it, but I call it an Open-Faced Roast Beef Sandwich, and I LOVE to go to Fred’s for it!! Oh, and the Cheddar-Broccoli Soup? OMG!!! It’s the BEST in town!!!!

  5. Fred’s is one of the most real places I know. If you’re looking for frills, ferns, truffles or valet parking…don’t bother. I’ve known Fred and his wife, Debbie, since the Coolidge Administration and I’ve eaten at diners all across the USA. Fred’s is everything a real diner needs to be. The #3 Breakfast is my favorite, but it’s all good. Eat. Pay. Get Out.

  6. Congratulations on 25 years! That’s a lot of taters! Since I retired, I don’t get in as much as I like…hope to stop in soon.

  7. I was a truck driver for many years and fred’s diner was a daily stop for me. The food was great and plenty of it. The help was very quick and courtius.Fred wasn’t to bad a fellow either. This is from one Fred to another. Congrates

  8. Visited Fred’s on August 31st. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I visited. A friend and I decided to visit we stood in the rain outside the door roughly 20-25 minutes on a Sunday morning. Finally we we found one of the available three tables in the rear. The waitress come to our table and takes our order for drinks coffee, tea, etc.. food. Well we got our drinks, however no straws. So after 15 min or so she decided to return. At that time we requested straws and napkins, needless to say after about 10 minutes she returns with straws that she tossed on the table but still no napkins. Well upon her tossing one of the straws fell on the floor Fred’s waitress continue walking as though nothing happened. So after 15 minutes she returns back. I said to Fred’s waitress I did not appreciate you throwing our straws and that one fell, and it was rude. She the waitress then turns to me and says ” What should I have did?” (Was her grammar). Then she rant on with should I have laid them down this way or that way with moving the napkins around as she was saying these things. By this time my friend and I realized that we weren’t playing with a full deck and asked for the manager. She Fred’s waitress says he’s not here and walked away. We then got the attention of another waitress (who was just as rude) who told us again the manager was not there but someone from the back would come out to talk with us. Needless to say no one did, instead waitress number two finally comes back and says: “He said he will take care of the check.” ( my friend and I looked at each other in total disbelief) not to mention by this time that the three people who were seated were after us had gotten there meals and was eating we was one of the first to be seated in the rear and was never served only with juice and coffee. By this time we understood from Fred’s waitress that they didn’t want or need our business so we politely left. Still never got our food.

    Part 2.
    We called Fred ( the owner) and was told twice that he wasn’t in. Finally the third call he returns the call. I asked if we could arraigned a meeting speak with him about our experience in person Needless to say he refused. So I thought fine we’ll have it over the phone. I allowed him to speak first. He said his waitress told him that we walked out on a check, she was confronted about napkins, our food took long because we ordered two steaks and this time I couldn’t take anymore of the lies. Which from the conversation with me he believed everything his waitress told him to justify her poor service. It now made since as to why the hired help acts in such a manner. Fred then said to me, You get bad service sometime. You eat pay and get out as his sign says. My waitress are rude at times ” raising eyes & eyebrow” He then says we walked out on a check but then offers us to come back in to get a ” free meal” really Fred? I then speaks on his waitress. I told him what really happened and that she his waitress is a liar and that i find it hard to believe that he would defend this type of conduct. Coming from someone who is not only rude but a liar, lack competence and could barely speak proper grammar. That statement struck a nerve with Fred because he then asked me who are you? I then replied I was one of the guest who came into your establishment and was treated so poorly that I was forced to leave and that if it had not been for guess such as myself she wouldn’t have a job and you wouldn’t be Fred’s then disconnected the call.

    Fred’s diner and waitress whatever your goal was I assure that you indeed succeeded.

        1. As a completely unbiased person, I’m totally appalled by this persons comment. I have never eaten at Fred’s, however I’ve stumbled upon this site looking for a nice, small timey diner to have breakfast at tomorrow, not a big box Bob Evans or Ihop.I Clicked on this site., since friends and neighbors have said nothing but great things about Fred’s. Of course I’m going to read the reviews, but this is an absolute first, that I’m inclined to comment. Especially on a restaurant I’ve never been to. So please keep in mind, I am only commenting on the moronic review written by this individual.
          First off, this idiot had the audacity to mention proper grammar not once, but twice! However,she did correctly spell it both times. Too bad you can’t say that about the rest of her rant. There are portions where you need to guess what she is trying to say, since she typed th ewrong word. All idiocracy aside,i need to move on to what really pissed me off after reading this.
          I’ve worked in restaurants since being a teenager. For twenty years I’ve put up with jerks like this B. She obviously believes she is above the lowly service industry worker. Her “hired help” comment gave it all away. Lady, we are human beings. You dont get to treat people like crap, and just because they’re in a uniform, expect them to kiss her butt and stroke your ridiculous ego. Then post bad reviews on this establishments site, calling them liars and rude. Bet your lil comment had very minimal effect on Fred’s business if it had an impact at all. What was your agenda lady? To get this poor girl fired? You began your comment by saying how you decidedn to come anyway even though it was a rainy Sunday, with a line out the door. What did you expect? Do you look for diners with huge lines knowing that the workers are getting their butts handed to them and things are more than likely not running smoothly? Waitress’s, cook’s, even dishwashers and bussers are hard working people. The jobs aren’t easy. Despite common belief not everyone can do thier jobs and be sucessful at it. You should be ashamed of yourself lady! Get a life, have a heart, and if you dont like Fred’s just stay outta there. However, someone like you probably goes anytime you see that line accumulating at the door.
          Fred, kudos to you for actually having your staffs back, putting this lady in her place, and having cooth when it comes to public criticism. Thanks for realizing that, while most are, not every customer is always right. Some have an agenda that includes throwing a tantrum about something everytime they’re in a service situation. It would be a pleasure working with someone as put together as you obviously are. you handled this situation as well as it could be handled

    1. I was there on this day and met these people. The whole story typed here is an embellished lie. Fail on trying to throw shade at Fred’s. You should be ashamed of yourself, and even more ashamed that you type/talk with such poor grammar. I understand that you’re unhappy with your life, but that is no ones fault but your own. Just for that I’m going to go get some Fred’s this week for breakfast. Who’s with me?

      1. Thanks for getting our back Matt. Just as your comment required our Approval to post . . . so did theirs.
        People can complain if they want to, or if they feel like they didn’t get the deal they were looking for.
        I think everyone will notice that the negative comments about Fred’s are VERY few and far between. Thanks again!

  9. Fred/Cuz,

    This is Jack Limbach!!!

    I got a GREAT SURPRISE when somebody sent me the link on Facebook “25 Things People from Akron have to Explain to Out-Of-Towners!!!!

    Number 22 MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope all is well!!!


  10. I love coming here because it’s always great food and great service! Thanks for serving Akron for so long and I look forward to many more visits!

  11. 2 THUMBS UP! OUTSTANDING FOOD and the price is twice as nice. My wife and I stop there every time we visit Akron. I wish we had a Fred’s Dinner down here in Fredericksburg, VA.

  12. I heard that you are going to serve baby turkeys to get the Thanksgiving mood going. Have you ever considered turkey eggs and ham ? de-lish

  13. The service IS terrible here! Our first time eating here was a couple of weeks ago – not a good impression whatsoever – but because of the good food we will probably be back, now that we know how to play the game here. Elbow your way through, find your own table, clean it off yourself if necessary, holler to a server if you need something. I guess they stand by their motto: “Eat, Pay, Get Out.”

  14. I love this place!! I just recently moved to the Akron area and finally got around to trying Fred’s diner! Definitely does not disappoint!

  15. Fred’s is hands down the best breakfast around. I eat there at least once a week and my employees usually make me place a to go order once a week to bring back to our warehouse. Love this place and will be a customer for life.

  16. We are here yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about it! Fantastic! Great food and fantastic prices! Wonderful service! Sent my mom there this morning. Go! It is a must!

  17. I heading to the airport and will fly for 2 hours in my private jet just to
    land at the Goodyear Airdock and go to Freds.

  18. Fred’s has amazing food, the staff is awesome and Fred himself is a really awesome guy. He is always fun to talk to. Keep up the great job Fred…. 🙂

  19. I’m actually meeting a friend I haven’t had much time to spend with lately. As we were searching for a place to meet she mentioned Fred’s Diner… I have lived in Akron Ohio 30 years and always seen this place but nevered stopped in. So I jump on the website to check you guys out and nothing but GREAT reviews… I’m excited to try this place.. See ya soon!

  20. I’ve been going to freds for years but today the food was horrible. I ordered carry out and I didn’t check my order because I always had great service. When I open the container it wasn’t worth the bag. I don’t even think they cleaned the grill and added water to the grill to brown my ham everything but the eggs charred or overcooked. They just lost a faithful custom. I tried calling several times with no prevail.BOB EVANS HERE I COME

  21. Fred – What Christmas Season specials are you having ? I always wanted to order Green Eggs and Ham with a side of Grinch meat but no one on this planet
    has it. What’s the problem ? Are Grinches extinct ?

  22. When I lived in Solon I Didn’t get a chance to stop in much, but when I did I was always blown away with your breakfast. I now live in Indiana and have been thinking of Fred’s.

    You can bet that when I get back to the area I will be visiting Fred’s

    How can I get a Fred’s tee shirt in a 2X size.

  23. Just saw your hiring sign and I have always loved the food and the workers at Fred’s and now I know I love the owners too. You get my lifelong respect for your respect towards veterans.

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