Akron’s “Must-Visit” Homegrown Eatery

Akron’s “Must-Visit” Homegrown Eatery

By Chris Coon

Whatever city you visit, there always seems to be that restaurant that everyone always tells you that you have to try. Whether it be Tony Paco’s in Toledo, Ohio or Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh, Pa., there are always those iconic spots that are staples of the city and an example of the culture in the community. Fred’s Diner in Akron is no exception to the rule.

Fred’s Diner, located in Akron on 930 Home Ave is a place that feels homegrown from the moment you walk in. With walls covered in Akron history and memorabilia, along with photos from small diners across the country, this place has ambiance. The small building gives you that homey feel while eating your breakfast that gets you ready to punch in and start your day off.

If you choose to sit at the counter instead of the actual booths, be prepared to have a chat with the friendly staff that works at this blue-collar diner. Not only will you converse and laugh, you will also have the pleasure of watching the news on a TV that appears to be about 20 years too old. “It ‘s small, but feels like your sitting at home having your mom cook for you,” says Cory Trayer, a regular at Fred’s Diner. “It is very friendly and fun to be a part of. All of the same people work every time you go there, which makes for good conversation and friendly customer service.”

Fred’s Diner is open daily from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. and not only serves breakfast but also lunch. The menu, which consists of nothing over eight dollars, offers a wide variety of sandwiches, breakfast combinations, salads and dinner combinations. “They have lunch and breakfast, but when I think of Fred’s I think of Breakfast,” says Trayer. “I’d have to say that their breakfast sandwiches are the best… really large portions on a huge croissant for only a few dollars. The bacon, egg and cheese one is the best,” he advises.

Fred’s Diner serves breakfast all day.

With Fred’s Diner you are likely to the same old faces not only with the staff but also with customers. This is exactly why you get that family and friends feel when you walk in to the diner. “I have been going for about 4 years and I usually go about once a month on average,” says Trayer. As for the service, your cup of coffee is never empty and you always get more food than what you paid for. In other words, if you love to get a bang for your buck, this is the place to go.  “I’ve never seen an angry customer,” said Trayer. “They tend to remember you and the service is always so fast. Large portions, quick service.”

“I heard about Fred’s from a friend of mine who has been an Akron resident his whole life,” says Trayer. “We went there one morning and I was hooked.”

Fred’s Diner is located at 930 Home Ave. in Akron, Ohio. The diner is open from 6 a.m. – 3 p.m. daily and offers free wi-fi access. Call 330-535-FRED or visit http://fredsdiner.net.

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