This is a list of the articles that appear on our fine website. Go ahead and give them a read. Just keep in mind that some of these articles are kinda old. Our prices and hours have changed since some of these were written. We’re open every day from 6 am to 3 pm. . . and our prices are still GREAT!

40 College Town Diners Across America Worth Visiting by Meagan Flynn

Akron’s Fred’s Diner Proves Simplicity is key, Celebrates 25 Years by Katie Byard

Akron’s ‘Must Visit’ Eatery by Chris Coon

Diner sends ‘SOS’ to Vets by Jim Carney

In Good Taste by Katherine Spitz

Fun Food by Mark Faris

Akron Diner Feeds the Spirit by Fredda Rosen

Going Back in Time in The Beacon Journal

Food Worth Driving For…by Bob Bowers



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